Outstanding Radio Stations

The Radio Group is a Network of 15 city radio stations throughout Germany including a large flagship in Frankfurt. Our city radio stations stand alone in each market as local market leaders. These are the popular radio stations that listeners get close to! Not just for music, but news, sports, weather, traffic, business and local information about their home town.

Outstanding Listeners

Our listeners are young, dynamic urban people who spend a great deal of time with local radio! Our radio stations are positioned to serve local residents in their towns of coverage, not just by our signals, yet through our websites and social networking. It's radio so close to the listener they can almost touch it.

Creative Radio Promotions

Since 2007 The Radio Group has specialized in media planning and creative radio promotions for a wide array of advertisers and clients. The Radio Group can successfully promote your service or product to a large audience of interested, engaged listerers.

We have a staff of experienced broadcasters who will custom design an advertising campaign for you that is not only creative, yet sells. Sure, The Radio Group can produce standard commercial insertions, yet we do a whole lot more including sponsorships, news interviews, infomercials, contests, live events, website and social networking integration.

The Radio Group stands ready to create a radio campaign that will help your business succeed.

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